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    Anche nel compimento dei nostri doveri quotidiani ripetiamo incessantemente a Gesù che l’amiamo, come fanno gli innamorati che non cessano di ripetersi quella parola "ti amo". (M. Scolastica)

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    La vita non è che un breve viaggio, in cui andiamo ogni giorno raffinandoci e perfezionandoci per essere le vere Spose dell’Agnello, per tutta l’eternità. (M. Scolastica)

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    Gesù solo sia il tuo Maestro ed il tuo unico amore. Dagli tutto senza timore e senza restrizione perché Egli ama senza misura... (M. Scolastica)

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    Come una goccia d’acqua gettata nell’oceano si perde per sempre in quelle immense acque, così io pure sia immersa in Lui, per sempre mio Dio infinito. (M. Scolastica)

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    Vivendo Gesù in me è Lui che pensa, parla, opera in me, perciò, tutto ciò che di bello, di buono, di utile si compie in me; ne è Lui l’Autore. (M. Scolastica)

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Venerable Mother Scholastica Rivata

Sister Mary Scholastica - Ursula Rivata, the first Mother General of the Sister Disciples of the Divine Master was born in Guarene, Cuneo, Italy, on July 12, 1897.

At twenty Ursula understood that the only treasure worth spending one's life for is the Lord. She made her declaration of unconditional love with the words: "Lord, You alone are enough!”. During her life, she always sought to live in fidelity to the Lord and to the words she treasured: “in joy and in sorrow, in sickness and in health ..."
After her entrance into the newly founded Pauline Family in Alba, Blessed James Alberione gave her the name of Sister Scholastica. This word means “disciple”. In 1924 he chose her to collaborate with him in giving life to the Congregation of the Disciples of the Divine Master.

She was a woman without degrees or diplomas but was possessed with a wisdom drawn daily from the Eucharist and the Word of God. She was the first to give good example, and gave all her energies to the formation of the first generation of women who were called to the Congregation. She communicated the joyful enthusiasm of the beauty and fruitfulness of the apostolate.

With a heart wide open to the word and with an understanding of the hearts and language of young people, Mother Scholastica, possessed the love of an apostle, drew close to and felt within herself the anxieties and joys of men and women of all continents. This was symbolised most of all by the newspaper that she carried under her arm. She would carry it to the Divine Master during her Eucharistic Adoration. She knew how to listen to the voice of her brothers and sisters. She lived a lifestyle of silence and hiddenness, but with the hallmark of being a “woman of communication": one who was open to the present and who sought to be a designer of the future.

She died peacefully in Sanfrè (CN) March 24, 1987 and on the 9th December 2013 with the promulgation of the decree on her heroic virtues, she was proclaimed Venerable.





O Jesus, our sole Master Way, Truth and Life,
we praise and bless you for your Disciple
Sr. Mary Scholastica Rivata.
Sustained by the Holy Spirit
and with the strength of the Eucharist,
in the joys and sufferings of her daily life
she accepted the Father’s will.
In the footsteps of Mary,
your and our Mother,
she offered herself joyfully
in the service of God and of her neighbor.
May her example help us
to choose the way of the Gospel
in every circumstance of our lives.
Through her intercession
grant us the grace we ask….

Glory be to the Father…


 In order to advance this cause it is important to notify us promptly of any graces received through the intercession of Mother M. Scholastica Rivata, and to communicate your witness regarding her, no matter how insignificant it may seem. Your collaboration is essential!

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