Vocation Year of the FP

25 january 2019 – 24 january 2020

A year to rediscover, with joy, the mystery of our Pauline vocation and to propose to the young people holiness as «the most beautiful face of the Church».

A year to feel again that «the total gift of oneself to the cause of the Gospel is something wonderful that can give meaning to a whole life» (Papa Francesco).

A year in order to «go out and meet the young people where they are, rekindling their hearts and journeying with them» (cfr. IL 175).

An intense year of prayer, reflection and of many vocational initiatives, possibly organized at the level of “Family” and therefore thought and lived “together” by the Institutes present in the various territories.

A year illuminated by the vision of the Founder who, «projecting himself mentally into the future he felt that in the new century generous people would experience what he was feeling…» (AD 17);

A year to make the appeal resonate «feeling ourselves deeply obliged to do something for the Lord and for the women and men of our time» (cf. AD 15) and therefore «to rekindle the gift of God that we have received».