“Divine Master” Oasis

Oasi Divin Maestro Camaldoli

The Divine Master Oasis is a House of Prayer that welcomes priests, religious men and women, and lay persons seeking to live days in solitude, silence and prayer.  The house is open throughout the year.

The setting of extraordinary beauty is nestled in the protected area of the millenary National Park of the Casentinesi Forests.  Still today, nature and silence are the true attractions of this Apennine region.

In total, the house has 50 rooms, with bath, available.  There is also a chapel and a small oratory.

Besides the annual programs, the House also welcomes organized groups as well as individuals seeking to spend some time in reflection and personal prayer.



Pie Discepole del Divin Maestro

Via Montanino, 11

52010 Camaldoli (AR)

Tel (0575) 55.60.16 – (0575) 55.61.06

Email: oasidm@gmail.com